Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meet the poopers....

Before I introduce you to the pups I wanted to post a picture of the pups in their outside pen that I made. It's very rudimentary and I'll probably discover in a week or so that I punched a hole into our sprinkler system or something, but I'm pleased with it never the less. It's just really nice to have the opportunity of putting the pups outside for a while to air out that bathroom.

Buffy,the retarded mother dog, decided to stop feeding them about a week or so ago so we have had to hand feed them a milk supplement slop stuff that I've made up. They seem to be thriving and of course pooping. I am not always sure why people love dogs so much, I tend to be a cat person. With cat's you drop them in the litter pan and they are magically housebroken. When I walk in the washroom where we keep the litter pan, Buffy is there with the guilty look on her face. To all dog lovers can I just say---"Your pet eats my pet's poop!"

The pups are all females. The odds are against something like that happening. There was one pup that was still born, I'm guessing it must have been a male. Apparently, except for Tom, nothing male will survive in this household.
So, with no further delay, let's meet our little girls.
First there is "Brown Cow" or sometimes I call her Bear. This is the puppy that Tom is attempting to trick me into keeping. Of all the pups, she is the smartest and the bravest. She is also the most curious and I suspect she will be the most troublesome. I'm imagining she will eat the shoes and pull down the curtains. As it is, she has led several jail breaks and encourages the other pups to escape the bathroom with her. For anyone interested in taking her, tell me when and I will accidentally leave her in my mailbox for you!!!

The next pup for you to meet is "Pig". I should just stop there huh? When you name an animal "Pig" that tells a story in itself. This pup is the shortest in stature and biggest in belly. First to the food bowl always. Yes, Pig is the pup in the top picture who is sitting in the water bowl. This is not going to be the brightest of the bunch. Her paws are massive though and she will make a wonderful big stupid dog for someone. Her coloring is lovely and when she get's to be huge it should be interesting. She really does have an expressive face and will probably keep you laughing.
Our next little girl is "Twinnie". It started that we had started calling her and one of the other pups "The twins" (even though they didn't look the same). Well, the other pup got a name, but we continued to call this one "twin" which turned to "Twinnie". Lauren will call her Dot as well. She is a sweet thing and has lovely eyes. She tends to be a little shy and with all her crazy siblings she gets forgotten in the pack at times. She is probably gonna be quite happy to get into a house where she can be number 1. This photo makes her fur look more red than it actually is.
Next pup to meet is Muzzle. She was actually the other twin but as she got larger her face continued to get darker and her name changed. This little girl has the nicest manners. She also is the most loving. When food is put down she will hang back from the pack if she thinks she has a chance to get some petting time instead. She is definitely a lover. She is gonna be one of the larger dogs. I keep thinking of a big Marmaduke dog with her, kind of square and lean. She stands taller than most of the other dogs. I guess she took more of the traits of Cur Hound from her father. I highly recommend Muzzle!!
Oh my, then there is Cow. Not Brown Cow, just "Cow". This dog got her name first. When she was born (last), she was the runt of the litter and her entire muzzle had see through fuzz and was all pink and puggish looking and she actually looked like a miniature cow. Since then her muzzle has fully gotten it's color and she is not the runt any longer, she is one of the largest. I think she and Muzzle are close in size but Cow outweighs Muzzle. This is another sweet stupid dog (heavy on the stupid).

And finally the last pup, Playpen. The photo makes the dog look like an idiot but she lifts her paw up like a hunting dog. Check out her muscles..She actually is the tiniest of the lot but she walks around like a bow legged tough little bull dog. I will admit whoever takes this pup best fully be ready to pay attention to her. She is a pain in the ass. She whines for attention all the time and the minute she leaves my house I'll shout "good ridance" (wow, that's not a strong sell, huh? What can I say- you all should know what I'm dealing with right now and I'm pretty much over neediness!!)

So, Those are the Poopers. I'm now thoroughly traumatized and my sinuses will never be the same. Since Mama dog has now rejected said Little Poops I have weened them and they are ready for homes. So, If your interested or know someone--speak up quickly!! Instead of Easter Peeps you can have a Poop!

This legacy....

I went to Florida last week to visit my mom and grandmother. I took Sam and Emma with me. We had wanted to make sure they had a chance to meet Emma.

Five generations. I guess that doesn't happen frequently. My grandmother was in the hospital at the time.(there is only so much you can do about the lighting there) but was very excited about doing photos with the baby. My mom went a little ahead of us and helped her dress and fix her hair. She asked me to contact the newspaper and let them know that we had five generations. I humored her and agreed (not happening). I did want Emma to have the photos in the future.

As I look at all of us together, I wonder what Emma will carry away from the women of her past. I look at myself and my mother and my daughter and wonder how much about us is passed down and how much is coincidence. My mom and I are both givers...Sam and my grandmother--let's just say they aren't. My grandmother and I both like to read a lot and have a greater interest in the happenings of the mom and Sam don't care much for either. I think my grandmother and Samantha are the most photogenic (one day I will post some old photos of my grandmother for you all) We all are pretty creative. My mom and I are fierce as tigers when it comes to our children and I hope Sam has that in her. I've been luckiest with love and my grandmother has the money sense. My mom has the biggest heart and Sam is the most dramatic.

If we women of Emma's past could wave our magic wands like the fairies of Sleeping beauty did...what of ourselves would we pass on to her? What wishes would we grant?? If nothing else I think we all could agree we wish her a life of happiness.

This last photo I took off the pier while we were there one night. I was just playing around with a long exposure time and wish I had my tripod so the image would have been clearer. I still liked it so decided to post it for you.

--PS--My life right now is all about puppy poop. I will blog in the next couple days introducing you to the poop masters!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Cup Runneth over.....

3 adults, 1 teen, 1 infant, 1 cat, 7 dogs, 2 fish. That is the tally of what lives in my home.

How smug I was a couple months ago. I was certain Tom and I were closing into that next phase of our lives where we would spend more time for ourselves. It appears I may have been a wee bit premature in that assessment.

In my past blog I mentioned Sam moved in with Emma. That has been working itself out and Tom and I are enjoying being able to see Emma so much. Sam has a job working nights now so we keep Emma during that time. She is usually cooperative but I must say getting up in the middle of the night is not my favorite part. Emma is on a pretty good schedule but I must say the puppies are even more regular. 4 am and every night and they start yipping for their momma to feed them. Yes, puppies. (Do I even have to bother mentioning how pissed my cat is??)

See, when Sam came she had a bit of a quandry as she had this dog named Buffy. So daddy gets talked into keeping the dog. (sucker). Actually, he and Lauren had been trying to talk me into a dog anyways so this fit into their recent schemings. What didn't fit was a couple weeks later when it became obvious the dog had come to us prego's.

I've had so much to blog and I've been too busy and mentally I'm afraid I've become jello. I wanted to blog about my second hated holiday -valentines, and to blog about the puppies being born and the beginning of softball season. I wanted to tell you about I photoshoot I did which was so much fun, but it started as an ADHD nightmare. It was in south Dallas and I took all my lights, backdrops etc.. (forgot the camera though). Had to drive all the way home to get the camera. Turned out to be an amazing shoot though. I hadn't had a chance to do any "glamour" shots of adults so this was completely different from anything I'd done.

On a special note, my older daughter turned 21 today. Samantha is Legal. (For anyone that knows her that is a funny sentence huh??) Emma is 2 months and the puppies are 2 weeks.

I want to mention one added thing...I hope everyone understands what an important time of year this is. You may have forgotten but I'm sure over the past week you've been out and been reminded.....(no, I'm not talking daylight savings)....Every year this is an anticipated thing after New Years, and definitely much more important than Valentines. It's Girl Scout Cookie time!!!! Can I just say....Screw your New Years diet. These little girls really do work hard selling these cookies and really depend on those funds so please buy----a lot. Really, a whole lot. (thank goodness I don't have to sell those anymore---till Emma gets older anyways).