Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not exactly the Jetsons but...

Tom and I were in his car driving to a friends house yesterday. We were listening to his XM radio. (My car has a radio with a broken CD player. But that's beside the point. ) On the radio was Casey Kasem and they were replaying the Top 40 countdown for April 2, 1983. Prince was on with Little Red Corvette. I still remember most of the words.

The real funny part of that was hearing Casey Kasem discuss the newest technology "compact disc" that would read music with a laser. He reassured everyone not to throw out their LP's or cassettes yet as the compact disc player was costing over $1,000 dollars at that time and the CD's were each 17.00 each. Obviously something that expensive would never catch on. I wonder what he would have thought of the IPod back then. I don't think Lauren would immediately know what I was talking about if I said LP. (I don't know that she has ever seen a typewriter either, even though she has been proficient with a keyboard and computer since elementary school.)

I was a Freshman in High School when that originally aired on the radio. What did I think the world was going to look like 20 or 30 years later?? What will the world look like in another 20 to 30 years.

Right off the bat I don't think I could have ever envisioned the cell phone being so small and so readily available for "EVERYONE". I would have imagined that such a gadget would be for military type or people in very special occupations. Also, how amazing would Max Headroom have been on a big flatscreen huh?? We were still used to our parents big Console TV's.

I didn't think we'd have hover cars floating around, but I would have thought we would have made some kind of headway in mass transporting people more effectively. I really thought there would be alternative fuels being used more than what really is happening. Also, I would have thought we would have done more with our space program. I don't necessarily expect 'Star Wars', but I'm surprised the space program hasn't grown significantly.

Scientific breakthroughs in the medical field have exceeded expectations. Life spans have increased and I have to add that I was pretty tickled with the Lasiks I did a couple years ago. Of course I think we all agree the technology that created the Octomom should have been avoided.

Nobody can argue the brilliance of TiVo...I can rewind TV!!!!!! Anyone who remembers spending Friday or Saturday nights at the arcade surely appreciates the graphics of today's video games (if not necessarily the content). Then of course there is the touchscreen, this is our future and just like the "CD Player" it's too expensive for the average public..I can't wait till every home has one though (especially mine)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eye Candy Galore.....

I have not abandoned this blog...really. It just seems like it. Life is perpetually busy and I still have over 200 photos that need to be downloaded from my camera and I think about 500 that I need to review and determine which ones I'll bother to edit/trash. This post will be a smorgasbord of photos that I wanted to share...
Can I just say, stupid, stupid weather. For those who don't know my real job is claims adjuster at Geico and we have been inundated with hail and floods through out various states over the past two months and I'm SICK of it. I was leaving work Friday though and I spotted this in the parking lot, I'm thinking of submitting it to (a very funny website for those who don't know it) ..

Yes, I watch the same commercials as you and I know of the lizard and caveman--no clams.

In other news Emma is 4 months and I just got done doing some photos of her which I am kinda happy with...she is a perpetual drool spout. She spends a significant part of her life sucking on fingers and heavens if she has no socks on she loves sucking on her toesies. We did get one night out for the Ladies which was really fun. I got to go with my favorite people to go see the Dallas Roller Derby. Maybe I should give you a sec to let that sink in. And as a special note for those who have driven with me before, we hardly got lost at all this time going down there.

Lauren has been wanting to go for several months and we thought it would be interesting. (See how PC I'm being I haven't said the words scary or redneck even once.) We very quickly learned the rules which make it better for the watching. It's actually hard to concentrate on the floor when your busy looking around at everything take a peek...(these photo's are all candids and haven't been edited, but I think you'll still get a feel for what I'm talking about)

First is Gia getting to meet the players, I'm thinking it's much better than meeting that damned Miley Cyrus. These lovely girls know their own name anyways. Miley/ Hannah--whatever, these girls have substance and are good role models.

I forget this ones name, possibly Kick Face Trace (??) from the Slaughterers.
This one is an art student....with the High Seas Hotties. This turned out to be the favored team of our girls, but I think that had something to do with their t-shirts being on sale for only 5 dollars--our girls are pragmatic that way.

There were a lot of kids there actually, and it felt good that there were other "grandma's" there as well.... ...The red hat ladies- I love them. How sweet.

Hmmm, what is this grandma doing???? Could it be......
Yes boys and girls--it's Jello Shots.... how many sporting events do you go to where they serve jello shots?I may or may not know EXACTLY what those blue ones taste like but lets move on shall we...Not only was there roller derby, there was other entertainment as well... This was one of the announcers (priests collar) with one of the members of the band that was playing(bloody gory chin/satanish thing going on). I'm guessing you can probably tell they weren't playing oldies or jazz or anything.
They even had raffle drawing for cool things like body piercings. And since this was a family event they specifically limited this to above the waist piercings. Free standing right???

And if all that fails there is always good old fashioned People watching which has amused and fascinated me on many occasions!!

And a special friend for Tom.

And that my friends is Roller Derby.

Oh wait, did you want to see them going around the rink??? Alright then...I really expected it to be faster...and more aggressive. The ones with the stars on their helmet are the "Jammers" and the other shot is of the pack (Told you I learned the rules)

We will be going back to roller derby..where else can the girls wear those swell T shirts. Do I recommend it?? Hmmmmmmmm, Damned Fine Jello Shots.