Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh but there's a Pot O Gold out there.....

I guiltily post this blog. Yes, I hang my head in shame. I've been away from this blog for quite a while. I can keep stomping my feet and saying I'm busy but I think I may be uninspired.

Correction I am inspired at such inconvenient times, usually when I'm without my camera. There are so many unique things that are out three that are fun to share with people. Some examples.

At work they've installed new automatic soap dispensers with those magic red laser eyes. So now when your hand passes by it squirts out this foamy soap. Ah, how nice. It was in response to the Swine flu mania. (They have also installed antibiotic gel dispensers at the exits of the bathrooms.) I know you wonder how this could be inspiring and why would you need a photo to see this. Well, the people who installed these dispensers overnight obviously measured wrong or something. The dispenser is next to the spigot of the sink so when you get squirty and rub your hands and you go to rinse----the magic red eye squirts again. Hmmm, try to rinse some more and you get squirted some more. If you try to turn away from the magic eye your arms sort of end up getting squirted instead of your hands. Finally your forced to turn off the water with soap still all on your hands and dry them off with paper towels. The towel dispensers also have magic eyes which are cheap magic eyes and never dispense enough paper. I think a photo would be better but I don't want to be the creeper in the bathroom with a camera.

I am entering the elevator to leave work the other day and almost came to a full stop before entering. I see...... a little man. I don't know what the appropriate term would be either midget or dwarf or elf or troll or something. I think the legal definition of a midget is 4 foot 10 or something. This person was smaller. Probably about 4 foot. Again you wonder. Big deal, little people are all over it's not like it's Sasquatch or something. But this is different and I am very sad I don't have a photo of this. I have never seen this little man in my office building before and haven't seen him since. I should mention our office dresses business casual and most fellows wear khaki pants and polo shirts. This little man immediately stumped me because he was in a suit which is out of place for our atmosphere. A black pinstriped suit, with a vest and all. He also had a fedora. Yes I'm serious. A black fedora cap. He also had a cane which stood up quite high on him, chest level or so. Yes I know, it was obviously a freakin Mafia Leprechaun and I have no photos to prove it. On a final note as I'm sure you have a mental image thus far, he held the head of the cane with both hands and leaned a little on it..also hanging off the fingers of one of his hands hung a lunchbox. A square metal Star Wars lunchbox. One has to admit that even if I had my camera I wouldn't have dared.....I imagine he would have smacked me with his cane had I tried.

SO, this brings me to my point. Logically I cannot run around with a camera on my neck at all times. On the other end of the spectrum however there are times when this camera will sit for 7-10 days without being picked up because life interferes.
I have a wonderful new camera and have been spending time learning how to use it, I feel like a newbie all over again and I really need to commit to getting good on it. I want to maintain this blog. It was intended to be a photo blog. How do I reconcile all this?? The 365 challenge.

For 365 days I will photograph and post at least one photo per day. Good, bad or ugly. Some processed, some not. Those who have read my prior posts understand the whole ADHD thing and realize what a ridiculous challenge this is but hey....let's have at it. July 1st. See ya then.

In the meantime I leave you with these shots. Tom's mom came to visit and got to meet the Emmalicious.
We've also celebrated "somebody's" 40th recently. Hint hint--I got the new camera. So, Tom thought Emma could have some cake.