Friday, July 31, 2009

Vroom Vroom...

Time is running away, summer is almost over and soon to follow 2009 will have ended. As much as Tom and I hate to come to these terms, I do realize we will probably be needing to purchase another vehicle sooner versus later.

As much as Lauren would like to daydream about us purchasing her a car, I think it's much more realistic to think the next vehicle purchased will be for my use. Lauren will be relagated to a little burgundy Saturn that is still missing a front license plate from hitting that dog and never quite smelled right after Patton's visit to the vet. A little burgundy Saturn that is just preparing to celebrate it's first 100,000 miles- just a baby of a vehicle! As much as I trust Lauren it would be everloving foolish of us to get her into a car that is anything but a pile of garbage. Statistics show she will indeed wreck a car within her first year of driving. Statistics also show that since she is a female with good grades the accident will likely not be her fault and she will walk away unharmed. The car will be wrecked however.

So, let's talk about my new car. (hahaha) For anyone who knows me, every car I have ever owned has been tiny. Can you imagine all the gas I've saved in these years?? I can park in any spot and jockey around pretty easily. I automatically think how sweet to have a little Mustang Convertible or something cute like that.

Of course in my small cars, I bottom out incessently on every curb guard I get even slightly near and any speed bump will send horrible noises running through my car. I see things on the side of the road or in a field I want to photograph and dont dare pull over. I've just been lucky not to punch a hole in anything under my vehicle so far. (No lectures Tom--really I may be exaggerating about how often I bottom out for blog purposes-or maybe not)

So, I wonder how fun it would be to ride in an old school, soft top, stick shiftin', don't need no damn doors...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fish Snobs....

I know.....This is not Sushi...but it is lunch.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Not really any special shots...I just spent a couple minutes putting together a storyboard. I guess just cause I could....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mall Rats...

Took Lauren over to the Mall as soon as it opened today to get her ears pierced. She is getting ready to go on her trip to New York so we are trying to wrap up some last minute things.

Why are there so many people at the mall at this hour?? The carousel man got snippy with me and told me my camera was not welcome at the mall and security would take my camera and escort me from the mall...I guess he was feeling the power of fully caffeinated this morning.

I did like this though....

Before Edits---

After Edits---

Monday, July 27, 2009

Barometric Malaise...

Sounds daunting right??
They say when it rains like this the barometric pressure can have effect on people. You especially can sense it in animals and small children. Well, today everyone must have get on my last nerve-i-tis. I suspect the rain and the fact that I didn't quite get my coffee in a decent enough time this morning has set me on a very poor course for the day.

I won't go through the checklist of the ways in which I'm annoyed today, but I will post this instead. I had a bit of happy after Lauren's hitting practice this morning when we went by the Spoonfuls Yogurt shop. I've been meaning to go by this Yogurt place for a couple months now but hadn't.

It's got a very new Asian feel to it and is very trendy, but compared to the ice cream shops that are everywhere right now it does have a couple unique points. First of all you serve yourself so you can pick and chose as you wish so if you don't want the 87 ounces of ice cream you can just get as much as you are hungry!! ( high ratings on the strawberry kiwi yogurt) and then you add your own toppings. Anyplace that offers Captain Crunch Cereal as a topping gets my ok right away. Then you pay. Only 32 cents per ounce. What a bargain!! I will definitely go back there again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Emma Bear

Emma is 7 months this week. Tried to do photos with her but she really didn't like sitting in the grass. She didn't want to sit on the sidewalk. And she didn't like sitting in the baby pool. So, we took it indoors. Tom really wanted a Buffy and Baby Shot for today, so here it is. It's Ok cause Emma handled the Buffy tongue situation after that. Now time to go through her real photo's and see what her 7 month shots look like. Happy Sunday...

*+*+*+*+I just finished looking over Emma's photo's and these rank pretty high with me. Of course you can always see her in her smugmug album for all the new shots*+*+*+*+

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a dogs life...

Today we took Buffy to the dog park for the first time over at White Rock Lake. I was intensely frightened as Buffy tends to be a jerk and doesn't make nice with the other doggies when we go for walks in the neighborhood. She did surprisingly well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Knock Knock, Ring Ring

The question presented to me was "What's the story behind this picture". On Beltline and Midway is a store that does reproduction furniture and items from England...I pass it everyday and have for years. This thing is apparently not to be sold. It has no working parts inside and is just a gutted empty space. Of course there are also nekkid statues out front not going anywhere either. I still think it would be cute in the corner of a yard however with flowers or plants growing out of it though.

I desaturated the background as there was some pretty rich color going on and I didn't want the phone booth to not be the first thing drawn to the eye. I didn't quite use sepia on this--I did a black and white and warmed it a bit to add the sense of age or "long ago" to the photo. If you want to make a statement on this photo it is the difference in the perception of what those older days were like and the fact that in our modern times this item seems to have seen quite a bit of vandalism. It's a shame as it's a really sweet peice. People can be jerks.

This is Fridays Post Damnit!!!! Still showing California time on this blog.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

All crooked......

I went to the Dr. office yesterday and there were all the instructions for what I wasn't allowed to do.
The No Firearms signs are all over down here in Texas. In Virginia we didn't have to tell people this- it is assumed.
I took the photo in mid-day big sun and this is as balanced as I could crop it...I had to stand to the side of the door to avoid glare so the door handles are all crooked. When I shift the picture to compensate for that then the warnings go off kilter and so do the relfections of the, this is what ya got.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not exactly redemption..

Driving in a neighborhood down in Addison, trying to find the entrance to a park and spotted this sweet little church. Of course across the street from the church is this house. Woohoo Texas!!
(Let me point out that this blog must be on California time--this blog is really being posted on Wednesday at 12:10 Texas time...very important note for those of us counting up to 365!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fruit Loops

Yeehaw for being an idiot...I should know better because I've made this mistake before. I opened up my shutter yesterday for that water shot and didn't reset it today when I was my shot is a blurry mess. This is the best of the bunch.

I was dealing with stomach flu last night so was feeling kind of down when I went out today. I went to Frisco Commons park which was quite depressing. Last time I was there it was pretty with the granite globe with the water and all. Now that is dried up and things are already being vandalized. It's a shame people have to ruin things like that. These little flowers made me feel a little better, the colors reminded me of fruit loop cereal. Too bad I ruined it...bah humbug.

I may try to post another shot later and redeem myself.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainy Mondays...

It's raining out here today and I didn't know if I was going to get an outdoor shot. It eased up for a couple of minutes as we were passing a relatively new subdivision in our area. I had been meaning to drive in there for a while and haven't. Here's a little treat they have. The whole subdivision was beautiful and I'm extremely surprised that homes like this were going up in this economy. I had to get in and out of there pretty quick as I don't think they appreciated the Saturn sitting there with the emergency blinkers running. I certainly didn't pull out the tripod.

Special note on the water, I slowed down the shutter speed just a little to get this effect. Some of the best water shots I've seen have held the shutter speed open for 15-20 seconds. This of course has to happen with a tripod, handholding it for 15-20 seconds would be impossible. The second shot is what it would look like without the shutter delay.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

(Insert Witty Title Here)

This just annoys me to no end............I don't understand why, because I upload my photo's the same way every time. Sometimes you can click on the photo and you will get the full version of it, and sometimes you can't. Does anyone know why this happens??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stealing Souls

One has to be careful when photographing strangers, some of them don't like it. This little guy had no clue he was on candid camera however as he was quite a bit away. He is just trying to stay cool on a hot day at the ballpark.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Would you like fries with that??

Lauren stole this for me from the McDonalds drive-thru.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lemon, not Lime Please......

Dear Krogers,

Thank you for selling these cold already. Also, thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
Sincerely Your Loyal Customer (mostly cause your virtually behind my house and the sushi bar you have does make me happy)
I can see all the errors on this photo. I should have taken time to really clean the top of the bottle so it didn't have that milky look, not to mention the dog's butt in the background being a total distraction to the photo. I might need to pop open another bottle and try the shot again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poor Performer....

I'll admit it, not a great quality shot...I'm a work in progress. I couldn't seem to get anything together tonight, and to further enhance my whiney-ish-ness, I got chewed up getting this shot. As a special note, look who's pulling themselves up to stand by the furniture!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All the baby elephants....

My parents moved to Germany when I was born. They were citizens of Germany. We lived there till I was 4 and my parents decided to come back stateside. We had family here and my grandmother (who already had her citizenship) would be sponsoring my parents into the USA. My older sister and I were able to come back to the states before my parents and younger sister. We had been born in the US and had full rights to be here. Everyone felt it best that Maryanne and I come already as school would be starting soon and they really didn't think their VISA's would take much longer after.

This is my passport photo. 4 years old, traveling with my sister who was 5 1/2. Shortly after arriving in the US it was decided that my grandmother would not be the best person for us to stay with and we were sent to stay with my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Mike who had a toddler, Michelle. I suspect Michelle was only about 1-2 at that point.

Only now can I imagine being a young family having 2 more girls foisted upon you. There was a large mental, emotional and financial commitment made in this. Let's also mention that we did not speak english and my aunt did not speak german. My Uncle worked for the telephone company and my Aunt was left to "mother" us. She was not the warm hugs and tickles person. No, this woman was "responsible". She was the one who made sure we had warm breakfasts and took our naps and took us to the dentist. She was the one who figured out I was blind as a bat and got me my first pair of glasses. She was the one who would pop you on the hiney and make sure you didn't back talk. She was the one who kept everything in order and made sure everyone had what was needed. Later was when I realized what a great wit she had and what a good heart and hard worker she was.

My aunt died today after a long battle with cancer. I am sure I never fully expressed an appreciation for the sacrifice it took for my aunt and uncle to take us in. I can imagine it was also difficult to give back those children 9 months later when my parents finally arrived stateside.

We forget sometimes to appreciate the people in our lives and only develop the wisdom to do so later in our life. The good news is, in all probability if you are a good person there are people in your life who you have positively impacted...If they don't realize it now, they will one day. They will remember you with good thoughts and a smile.

(I didn't realize completely till this photo how disappointing these shots come across in this blog. If you are interested you can also locate these shots in greater size and clarity on my smugmug.)

Monday, July 13, 2009


What do you see?? Add Image
Let me mention now, some of these blogs and photos are gonna be out right dumb--365 is a lot to do.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lost in Translation....

At first I was nervous cause what if they did collect hair for wigs for chemo patients or something. I really can't legitimately make fun of that, can I now.
Per their website they have a revolutionary way of semi permanently straightening hair. everything else was in written in Chinese on the web page. So, it appears I can make fun of the sign after all, I'm much relieved.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Cooldown

Lime, Strawberry, Mango, Cola, Pina colada and More...Today was 7-11. I hope you took the opportunity to go get your free Slurpee at the 7-11.

I hope your staying cool. The weather here has been consistently over 100 degrees and being outside is a challenge right now. I picked up some ice pops to photograph. They photographed kind of cool prior to being frozen.

The baby is really enjoying them as well since she is teathing like crazy.
Ice pops really say summer to me much more than a slurpee could. For as long as I can remember my bottom bin in the freezer has been full of icepops in the summer. As that bin emptied I knew summer was dwindling down. The past couple of years we haven't had those ice pops around however. Seeing them in the freezer now automatically makes me think of girls giggling (or some days bickering) and experiments in the back yard and times at the pool and playground. There were crafts and songs to be sung with rollerblades and bikes and skateboards. Sweltering days and watching all those girls sit in the garage eating one ice pop after another all while planning their next adventure. Hmmmm, I've missed having those ice pops around.

This shot below was alka seltzer and film canister rockets, hence the attractive swim goggles.

I don't know if my car has been washed since then either.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well that's no fun....

I was up till about 2 am with Emma babes last night and up at 6 this morning. It was a long day at work and after I had to take Lauren to softball practice and it was just a crazy long night. The girls really haven't helped around the house and I really need to take some time and pick up for Tom coming home tomorrow. Oh and am I ever tired, and it's hot out. If I go try to take a photo I'm gonna have to wait till near 8 pm cause the sun is so bright right now. Who really wants to see more softball photos? Everything is hiding indoors in the a/c right now and nothing is interesting.

Or is it???? I had all these excuses to prevent me from taking any shots tonight. I brought my camera to Lauren's practice and figured there were some flowers on a neighbors fence that I have been eyeing to photograph for a while and I may just take a couple quick shots on the way home from practice.

We get to practice and already I think they are nuts. It's 102 degrees today. Lauren got there at 6:30 to warm up her pitchers and the sun is still beating down solid. The field is being used by another softball team for the moment so the girls have to start practicing in the grassy area outside the softball field.

As I'm standing there sweltering, I do a 360 turn. I see the softball teams but I also see a tennis court being used. There are at least 3 soccer teams practicing, some guys running the track, some practicing football and a Lacrosse clinic taking place. Do they understand it's 102 degrees, maybe more??

They are all practicing hard with the same mantra of "Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate". You can see the heat wearing down their legs as they run and the sweat building causing tshirts to discolor and dry dirt to start sticking to them. But they all keep on going. This is the passion of an athlete. They are smiling and enjoying themselves in this misery. Because they love their sport. This is what they do and who they are...

How easy it is to make excuses and self justify our shortcomings.

This is what I love, so I guess I best take the damned photo....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear PaPa...

Dear PaPa,

Happy Birthday!!!!!

We Love and Miss you very much and wish we were there for your birthday. Or that you were here.

Grandma was thinking about sending a singing telegram like a dancing monkey to wish you a Happy Birthday today. I know you think she couldn't have gotten it through military security but really, you know Grandma, she could have worked something out. Instead she practiced some self control, amazing huh? She thought you wouldn't like something like that in front of your cadets.

So, she decided her picture of the day would be for you. She got me my first Yankees Jersey. When I go to my first game with you I'll be all ready Papa.

Love, Your Emmalicious (Grandma helped me write this a little)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Department of State Red Tape???

We had heard the rumors and the horror stories. Ruined holidays, non refundable tickets and all the costs involved for people whose passport didn't make it on time.

Well, my dear hubby has planned us a wonderful trip for the beginning of September. Passport required. That was right at 10 weeks. Even the Department of State advises at least 10 weeks and we all know how the government lies right??

Very risky to book this trip without passports in hand but we went ahead and did it. Then Tom, (who we all know is absolutely meticulous) immediately prints out the passport applications and fills them both out. We head to the CVS and have our passport shots taken and Tom assembles our packets. All of the proper ID's and forms and photos all clipped together neatly with yellow post its where signatures belong. He was taking no chances in our preparedness.

The next morning (June 27th to be precise) we head to the post office before we can enjoy our Saturday of Lauren's Softball Tournament. Tom was flying out on Sunday and this was our last shot at getting the passports. If we missed this window it was certain doom as it was highly unlikely we would get these passports in time. I would be able to go get my passport the following week if necessary but Tom would be tied up for a full two weeks and would not be able to get to a post office. This mission's success was imperative.

We enter the post office in Lewisville as this was the location closest to Lauren's Softball games. We have made a slight miscalculation and added time at the softball field dropping Lauren off has delayed our arrival. Tom's plan was to be first and this was foiled.

A couple is just finishing up and is swearing in or taking some kind of oath. There is still one man in front of us so that's all right we suppose. Turns out the man was "that guy". You know--the guy completely unlike Tom. I guess his wife must have printed out the application that morning and half of it was incomplete and the other was filled in wrong. There was no picture, no post its nor color coordinated paperclips. The guy was just a mess. (Basically the male version of me). I figured this fool was getting ready for a ration of hell from the postal lady.

Instead the woman was very cordial and helpful. She didn't yell at him or point her finger to the back of the line. She at least deserved one rolling of the eyes and she didn't even do that. This postal officer was obviously on Valium and not packing an UZI.

Actually she was a very nice postal lady who advised us Walgreens photos were better than CVS and Walmart photos are useless. She got us taken care of very quickly and we paid our fee along with the added fee to expedite the passports. (This added fee is not to be scoffed at, but hey, we were serious here!) The lady advises that expediting will usually speed up the process by 2 weeks.

In my mailbox 8 days later. I don't know whether to celebrate the wonderful efficient service that our US Government has provided or be pissed at the expedited fee we paid. The money is gone so I guess I rejoice!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.

Based on the subject line, I am obviously lacking my capacity to be clever tonight--so I just swiped someone elses quote (Jacque Deval)..

Too bad I couldn't get more of this fellows legs in the shot but this was as close as he would let me get.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marley aint got nothing on this one....

Buffy is not a good dog. Buffy is a bad dog.

Here she is with her toy on the right. The brown porcupine. We are not selfish owners and take good care of Buffy. Actually Buffy has quite a few stuffy toys with squeakers that she loves. The squeaky ball is the favorite.
On the left side however, is a completely unchewed beanie baby. See how cute. Baby Emma really likes the beanie babies. Buffy likes those as well, and even though she is not supposed to she will sneak one off once in a while and completely demolish it. In the center of the photo with the arrows are the beads that come out of a beanie baby... Those are just a couple of the beads. It's amazing how many of those beads are in a beanie baby. Dog toys do not contain these beads, hence the reason we buy her actual dog toys.

The beads must be made of the same compound as Tinsel and Easter grass. No matter how much you vacuum and pick you are bound to find more. Even a week, a month or year later you will suddenly have these stuck to the bottom of your feet. As for the baby eating the beads-I figure that too shall pass-literally.

Are we to the part of the movie where the dog dies?? (Don't judge me)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A penny for your thoughts...or possibly a Euro.

2 blogs in one I was just taking a break from cleaning and was trolling on . Wonderful site.

This is what I found. Can you imagine how this must have looked with the sun shining. Simply beautiful. Watch the video for the full explanation of what this artist did and how it was disassembled...

Just to clarify, it was the artist intent for the public to move around the money and take the money and see how the art changed over time....The back side of the coins was painted blue which would indicate in the future which coins were used in this installation.

Now, Back to my vacuum.

Work it baby.....

I'm going to divulge all my model's secret's today.

Just a simple shot but I wanted to compare my black and white backdrop and how the lighting reacts. I tend to gravitate to my black backdrop as I find the shadows difficult to deal with on the white. Here this week however, I have learned that a lot of my issue is the processing of the shot, not the actual shot. So again, it leans to me to continue to practice, practice practice.

I bought the bowl at Krogers on sale for 3 bucks and now that I look at it should possibly have purchased more of them. I think Tom and Lauren will both appreciate this as the new favorite cereal bowl and there may be infighting.

I purchased some cut fruit and when I loaded the bowl I saw I didn't quite have enough so I had to tuck a mini peice of tupperware in the center and hand place all the fruit around it. Because the fruit was precut I didn't have to wet it down. The shots were taken quickly and the fruit stayed moist. I know in real food shots they use all kinds of ways to make things appear yummy such as glue and co2 and paint--this fruit however will be eaten.
So, what do you think works best on this- black or white backdrop??

Happy 4th of July America!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009