Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here Comes 2010...

One of Tom and my best friends told me his favorite holiday is New Years. He takes it very seriously and takes the time to really evaluate the past year and is very introspect about the process.

New Years for our family is usually just a fun little time for us to be together as a family. We get together some yummy treats and just enjoy being together as a family. We try to stay off the road with the revelers and keep it safe at home. I don't usually take New Years very seriously. I don't see it as a "New Year" per se. Life simply is a continuation. The New Year usually is all a time of confusion for me, when I have to make special effort to remember to write the correct new date on paperwork and checks.

This year is different for me however. It's the culmination of so many things. Wrapping up a decade. Evaluating 10 years is a bit overwhelming however and I can see the benefit of doing this one year at a time.

Tom and I moved to Texas and into this house 10 years ago. We hit 40 this year. Our children grew up these past 10 years. Emma is one year old today. Tom began and is now ending his involvement in Sea Cadets. My photography and what it has become, and what it still hasn't become. The time in Girl Scouts and all the little girls that have passed through this house over the past 10 years. The friends we've made, and the people we've lost touch with. So many memories...

It's quite clear we have limited control over the twists and turns this life brings. I don't even attempt to imagine what the next ten years will bring. I'm just grateful that I've had Tom with me through this time and he is truly my one consistent force, no matter what. I hope a decade from now we'll still be making each other laugh.

I consider all the choices, decisions and actions taken. Am I pleased with it?? Do I have regrets?? As a person have I learned lessons, become a better person, impacted others in good and bad ways??

So many thoughts.

So, my good friend. Pass the Grey Goose. It's a long night of remembering the past and preparing for the future and wondering how one goes about getting 10 years of juicy juice out of this darned carpet...

In the meantime dear friends. Happy New Years and have a blessed 2010!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Tom would describe today with some lively vernacular having to do with primates and their private parts......I won't go that graphic, but it was not good. On the bright side however, I had 2 lovely new tires on my car when the snow started. I also got a good laugh at the $1300.00 worth of "recommended" work Firestone would like my car to have. The list did not include the obvious bath it needs.

Oh, and a special Thank You to my lovely hubby for finding the computer adapter---apparently Emma didn't eat it after all. I will say we aggressively hunted for it for quite a while and almost took her to get X-rays just to prove it to ourselves that she didn't eat it. Finally the bottom of the couch got cut open and turned quite topsy turvy several times before it finally spit it out.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Chunga

I guess that's a made up word. It's a made up word for the little hair bands that little girls wear. It's kind of a big deal. (I think they are almost as cute as bows and hats) After bath tonight we tried it to see if it would work, that or madame was going to need her bangs cut cause hair kept falling into her face.

A. It's very cute and very Pebbles Flinstone.

B. It says she's not an infant anymore and has officially moved onto toddler. (wow, the training bra is right around the corner huh).

Ah, and the balloon. Emma's festivities for turning one have begun. I suspect this party beast will be enjoying the next week or so very much.


Was it everything you thought it would be?? I hope it was.

I still can't believe Dallas awoke to a white Christmas.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Not a creature was stirring...

I drove home from work tonight at a blazing 25mph on average. Dallas got a bit of snow/sleet tonight and the drivers around here arent quite used to this. Dallas will have a white Christmas it seems.

So, since I was driving so slow anyways, I just took a quick shot on my way home. Don't worry, I'm from out east so I didn't wreck.

The girls got to open their Christmas Eve Present. The first time for Emma. Lauren is a pro so she helped her out a bit.

Her Christmas Pajamas of course!!!!! Some traditions carry on and on.

To all my friends and family. May your Christmas be blessed with peace and happiness.
Tom and I consider all of you to be our greatest gifts. We appreciate you more than we let on!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silver Bells....

Or in this case "Silver Door". Our neighbor painted their door silver. I am decoratively challenged myself, but silver?? Really??

I hope all of you have a shiny Xmas Eve!!!! I might have to go see some lights tonight.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The big One

Emma's birthday is on Christmas eve. I am gonna try to post her 12 month shots sometime tonight. As I mentioned previously we didn't really have much success on these. I've taken her photo every month this year. Next year I think it will only be every 3-4 months. For now, here is one of the very few shots I managed to salvage from the shoot.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Big Bunch.....

A big bunch of nothing is what I got here....I'm hitting a dry spell here. I'm going to have to kick myself in the cha cha to get out of it. I would imagine I should be inspired by the season, the shapes and colors and all the much eye candy to look such luck. I need to make myself inspired.
Strange bit of a story though. My computer adapter is missing. Ummm, it's a peice on the end of the power cord where it plugs to the computer. It came with a bunch of various sizes depending on what you needed for your laptop's gone. As of this morning. I'm gonna be so upset if Emma ate it. Really. But I've looked everywhere. Not funny. Well, it might be funny.

Friday, December 18, 2009


You and I both know how elusive the perfect socks can be. The right length--short, mid calf--long?? How much elasticity is enough versus too much?? White or colors??

For a baby it's even tougher. If you've had children you know the socks are perpetually half off their feet. For some reason the heel is never at the point of the heel and the toes of the socks are flopping 4 inches off the foot.

I finally found the perfect socks for Emma. They actually are long socks and although she can manage to remove them, it takes her quite some time. If left alone they stay quite nicely in position. They are thick and squishy and have the slip proof bottoms. When I take them off they don't leave harsh elastic marks on her legs (which we all know are crazy itchy)

I bought every pair the Old Navy had in her size. I don't mean every style they have in this sock, I mean literally every pair in her size. I even looked in the boys side as I was not ashamed to pick up alternative colors...but apparently the boys don't get the luxury of these socks. I'm pretty sock happyrific right now. (spellcheck does not like happyrific)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Puppy Love....

A little boy and his puppy.
He actually has 2 new puppy's at his house. He was very interested in me taking his picture and would come see between every frame. Very similar to what a 16 year old girl would do. He didn't so much care about "how he looked" but was very intrigued with his image. Poor pup may have had more lovin than he could take.

Gold, Frankincense and Moo

We're having an ornament exchange at work. This is my contribution. I love her. I don't think I will be able to give her away.
Ok, I lie. I will be able to give her away. She is ridiculously funny right??

Monday, December 14, 2009


I tried to take photo's of Emma this weekend. Oh my, I forgot this age. She was a wiggle squiggle butt and would have no part of it. I will be lucky to eek out 3-4 pics out of this mess. First she decided she was not about to have any part of shoes. She also would have no part in the socks or the tights either. We couldn't hold her still and she ran about and eventually found some of her Birthday gifts and tried to open those. We thought an outfit change was in order and the bow (which matched my tree there) lasted for one lone shot, which didn't turn out before she ripped it off her head and refused to have it put back on. We tried to bribe her with m&m's which she drooled all over herself. She then decided to tear down my blankety blank blank tree. So there.

Finally we gave in and I tried again a bit later that night in her jammies. She had explained her position on the bows and hats but obviously I had not she ate the hat instead. She discovered the studio lights at this point and decided to play with those for a bit and finally she got so frustrated she just decided to text santa and call it a night. Oh my --I do love her.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just yesterday...

Actually, the difference in these photo's is almost a decade. In my senility (as well as my stubbornness to accept change) it feels like yesterday. I had so much fun seeing these girls this weekend. There are so many "family" memories wrapped up with these three cuties.

The two older girls have always made me laugh, and it's been amazing watching them grow up to beautiful young ladies. (Yes, they will be totally ticked for me posting this photo---but it is funny, and it still makes me laugh)
And finally the little girl that had me by the heartstrings from the day she entered this world. (and she is totally vindicated as we all now know she did not steal baby Jesus ,but her mom did front her out and let me know she swiped the penguin from the animated skating rink) She is just so sweet. (other than the klepto thing)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Peeping Tom

Oh my, today we went car shopping. We ended up in the "not so great" side of town.

I would love to do a senior shoot down here however. Or possibly a 50s style pinup shoot. There were so many cool walls and signs. I might need a body guard or two however.

Come Ride With Me....

Random photos on the way to work today....