Sunday, January 31, 2010


I love the sound of water. This little running creek, large rivers, ocean flows even the sounds of the tub filling and the shower running. Of course after sitting there for a couple of minutes waiting for the birds to come around to get a sip..I had to pee. So, this is all we got.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Ice Baby....(336)

At least it's not a duck..
A friend of mine has a blog, and it's very nice. I'm not good at nice, but I have seen various blogs tend to ask the reader questions and ask for a response.
Do you think I should do that?? Would you answer??Did you stop paying attention already???

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wet and Rainy (337)

Today is Wet and Rainy. I'm still sick.

Here's a duck.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whose dog is that anyways (338)

(Insert Long Rambling Diatribe about the damned animals in this house which I deleted when I re-read it. Lord I was about to bore you to death on this dog and cat issue I have. Let's just wrap it up by saying Tom has volunteered to go put my cat to sleep but not the dog. )

So for now--here's a duck. If you click to enlarge the first one you can see the water droplets on his chest.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life is just DUCKY!! (339)

I have so much I wanted to talk about head is rambling, rambling, rambling. I don't know if it's the ADHD or the hydrocodone the doc in a box prescribed for this cough-- along with a nice ZPac to alleviate the cooties I have.
First of all let's mention yesterdays spring and flowers post---bahahah, whatever. Tonight may be a little different.
As for my photo's tonight. Did you know ducks had blue eyes?? I really didn't know that. Of course I don't think I ever really paid attention to that. I will also mention that unless I start feeling better soon, you'll be pretty sick of ducks by the end of the week and I won't have any clever puns left to title my posts with. So, wish me better quick!!
I had one of those drives to work this morning where your all self- absorbed in thought and you wonder how you got there when you put the car in park. (Shut up, you know you've done it.)
I actually caught myself humming a little jingle. You know those radio commercials that you semi tune out. I caught myself on this one today and it finally sunk in.
*+*+*+So, here is my disclaimer..the post goes R rated now, a little bit anyways*+*+*+*+
This commercial has a cutsie jingle and a website. . Very innocently along with the Tide Detergent and Geico Insurance commercials comes the commercial for sex toy parties. And darn if I'm not just humming along. Good grief.
I don't know how I feel about this. Once upon a time the sex toy party was something your friend talked you into going to, and your husband willingly watched the kids and made a ribald joke about not spending too much on the credit card. This was not an advertised event. I mean, we're not talking Tupperware or MaryKay here girls. Some parts of the party were gimmicky like bachlorette parties and some were just downright awkward if you had that weirdo hostess that didn't understand "too much information". Some parts were fun/funny and after enough beer or wine the hostess would invite you individually back into a room with stuff spread about for your perusal to fill a paper baggie with your choosing. Always purchased enough to make sure your friend was not disappointed in the party but never drank enough wine to make that really big purchase. (ha). Damn jingle is stuck in my head. I'm gonna have some more hydracodone.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Texas Trickery (340)

One thing about Texas....there is never a real winter. Midway into winter and you can still see flowers and in some places there are still patches of green grass. Some days the sun warms the skin to the point that it is not unusual to see people in the grocery store in shorts and tshirts. It makes one spoiled and makes me yearn for spring even more. But it does help to break up the long winter days and make it tolerable till the spring get's here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Belated One..(341).

As I said I finally got these photo's done. (onto her xmas photos next--grrrrr) I had tried some new things on this shoot. The paper background for one. Also, I thought I wanted this creamy color instead of white...but it does cast a yellow tinge on everything. That will take some time to get used to. I should have practiced before this, hence all the shadows.

As to the Emmster herself. This cake my MIL made for me. Just wonderful huh? Emma's was mostly interested in the heart cut outs. I thought this would have been hugely messy but Emma was way to enamoured with the paper backdrop and trying to punch holes into it.

Oh well, here goes. There are a lot of photos here. I hope you like 'em.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Re-Peat (342)

Another sick day. I did get out to Lauren's Select Team practice for about 15 minutes to do headshots for their website. When I had looked outside earlier it was so pretty out. Beautiful blue sky and puffy clouds. Obviously however, we are still seeing winter weather. We got out there and the wind was blowing cold to the bone.

I wanted to stay and take some shots of the girls practicing or find something good to shoot, but it was just too cold and Emma and I had to hightail it back to the house. These are the moments I'm glad Lauren has a car and can drive herself around.

So here is my lonely shot of the day. The double chunga hairdo. See how sweet she is even when she's sick???

For those who love her I have a special treat for you on my next post---------finally!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy, Hazy Saturday (343)

Such a quiet uneventful day. We were all under the weather and couldn't seem to muster enough to get much done. (Lauren wants me to edit this as she is not sick and got a lot accomplished---I told her she didn't count in this there)

Here is one photo of Emma right after her nap. Cute little bed head. I guess since she doesn't use a binky or suck her thumb she figures she'll suck her dolly's thumb.

We did manage to get out to the store for some essentials. If you haven't been to Tom Thumb grocery lately they do have some thick and hearty homemade soups that are perfect for a cold or flu.

We ran across these chippy's while were were out. We had to get them, note the "limited edition". And there is not a lot of food out there which includes the word Voodoo. I don't know what I think. Almost like a sweet n sour chip, but the bag has little voodoo dolls on it with needles sticking out and everything which is an automatic plus.

Friday, January 22, 2010

End of an Era (344)

I came home the other day and saw this pile of nametapes and it suddenly became very real. Lauren had ended her involvement with the Sea Cadets. This group that our family stumbled upon so many years ago. We immediately knew Tom would become involved, but I never realized the impact the group would have on Lauren and our family as a whole.

This group came along at a time when Lauren was floundering in the normal ways some girls do in middle school. Lauren not only adapted to this organization but she grew and developed as a person. She honed discipline and gained valuable leadership skills. She made friendships, unlike any other she will ever find again.

I'm so proud of the skills she gained and the lessons she learned. I'm most proud of the guidance she gave other cadet's in the program. The friend she was to others and the skills she passed on.

We thought she would remain in the program and pipe over as she left high school. However, she has gained what she will from the program and is off to follow new paths. So, there were no celebrations or ceremonies associated to her leaving. She quietly ended her time by cutting off the name tapes and turning over her uniforms at the last drill.

Of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of Sea Cadet photos I've taken through the years, I thought this older photo quite ironic.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back in the day....(346)

Like 7 hours ago. That's when I took this photo.

I ran across a great little historical spot down in Farmers Branch while I was on lunch today. I'll go back there on a day that's not so bleak and hopefully spend some time taking some photos.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Way too distracting....(347)

I walked around this fountain 3 or 4 times. This was the best shot I could get. Everything behind the statue was just too distracting. I really would have had to climb in the fountain and gotten down low to capture it properly. So, I decided for MLK day I would not get arrested for wading in the fountain, not to mention ruining my camera. A little cropping and that's the best I'll be able to do on this shot.

Monday, January 18, 2010

By the Light of the Door...(348).

I persisted and snagged these two off the desktop computer...Enjoy.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peach Margarita's and the Love Shack (349)

As adults we sometimes move through life doing as we must. Going to work, managing family affairs and home life, being overall responsible.

As females..especially as "mom's", there are few times when we can let down our hair and just be. Other than our spouses there are very few people that we let so close that we drop those barriers and just "are". Real, so very real. Not perfect, not even close. Not all knowing, not even close. Lacking answers and bearing so many flaws.

They see the catty ugly bitchy side of you, they see the vulnerable, they can make you laugh with a knowing look. Conversation flows and truths flow like the wine. These are the ones who you could never give anything but the truth, even and especially if it's truths you haven't even gotten around to facing for yourself yet. Those few friends, the real friends.

So, although I was going to post some different pics tonight--this post has altered itself to this. A self portrait. I'm not a huge fan of these. I never feel like the person reflected in the glass, but this is the real me. Makes me wonder, how real is too real.

I've cut my hair off today. And I took this photo when I was debating about whether or not to color my hair again. I think I may let the salt and pepper stay. I think it might be the right thing to do for now. ( of course that may change tomorrow since this is me we're talking about here ) .

And to my friends who keep it real, I lift my glass and say........damn, this wine is crap...really. Not only did it have a screw top, but there's some weird residue .....psssh....That creeper with the wristbands is lookin' at you. Love ya, in a not so lesbian way---unless that means I'll have help with the laundry.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's all I can do for now....(350)

Computer Issues.....GRRRRRRRRRR!!!

We've been having a wee bit o computer issues as of late. I can only edit one or 2 photos at a time (sometimes less) before it crashes. My laptop can't handle the load of photoshop and the desktop is making me crrraaaazzzzzyyyyy.

So, to my family and friends. Yes, I know. I haven't posted doodle heads xmas or her cake smash photos. They all await editing. So, at this point all I can stand is editing one or two shots at a time for this blog.

In the meantime while we all wait resolution to my photoshop crisis, here are a couple. I have some added ones, but hence the computer crashed again before I could get them on the jumpdrive. I'll try again later or tomorrow.

Miss Muffett is getting quite tall. She is a toddler after all. I'm doing what I can to keep those bangs out of her face, but I have limited success before it all falls into her face again.

Little Miss Monchichi fell down and hit her lip....she is going to be a wild one.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The other side of the tree...(351)

Ok, so...I posted my last one before midnight and the other past midnight. I don't think it's technically cheating.

Same tree, one is the shaded side and one is sunny side up.