Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes

So, these photos are specifically for Lauren.  I told her we would keep her updated on the Home remodel projects as they take place.  As of now our study has been emptied and the carpet and baseboards have been torn up.  Tom thinks that jacked up gold trim ceiling fan is going to stay there--but it's not.

I promised you I'd dish out all that's been going on so I'll try to give a feel for how things are going here.  Firstly, Lauren is in college and we all survived the transition.  I think each one of us knew what our boundaries and sensitivities were and are regarding this but overall it's gone wonderfully. 

Lauren is very happy at college.  Busy and having a wonderful time.  Meeting people and I suspect finding her own brand of trouble.  As it should be.  Sometimes I miss just sitting straightening her hair or goofing on people with her.  Skype is wonderful--but it's not the same.

Tom is umping and helping to coach Lauren's High School Fall ball team so he as well, is keeping busy.  It's different not having Lauren to focus on when it comes to his softball, but he is truly enjoying the "no pants required" attitude of our new household.   I think he also enjoys the casual attitude of our days.  If we want to go somewhere we do.  If we don't want to- we don't.  (work excluded of course).

The home remodel projects?? Well, I think he is enjoying that aspect as well.  Again, it is at our own pace really.  The goal is to have this guest room relatively done by Christmas for Lauren's visit, but that's a pretty stressfree pace.  I suspect the room won't fully be finished at that point.  Of course the flooring and paint will be done but then there is bedding, wall decor, knick knacks and just the couple peices of furniture that will go into the room.  All those items will be lovingly accumulated by me and I'm not gonna rush that just to say it's 'finished'.  It is the room that Lauren will stay in when she comes home since her room has been gutted.  (Eventually Lauren's former room will be the Man Cave but for now it's just the place holding spare furniture and boxes for storage.)  This new room will NOT BE "Lauren's room".  It will be the guest room.   I hope she likes it and I really want it to be nice for her when she comes--but it won't be her room.  It will be made up to my tastes and desires.

I think that's a step in the right direction.  I've been making strides to a guilt free me.  I don't feel bad that Lauren has no room in this house---reality is she won't be coming back for good. I don't think she will ever be here on a permanent basis again.  Oh heavens, if she did then we would move heaven and earth and certainly furniture to accomodate her but ----she won't be back to live.  Why would I leave all this space unused for 4 or more years just in case??? Silly.

Let's see what else.  I got the job I wanted at Geico.  Really excited about this.  I'm going to be an Auto Damage Adjuster.  I waited till Lauren had graduated to pursue this because the 12 weeks of training is pretty aggressive and requires travel.  The day before we left to take Lauren to college the jobpost came out for it.  Talk about amazing timing!!  I really hadn't anticipated seeing this job opportunity for anywhere up to 6 months after Lauren left.  The interview process was pretty long.  Some parts were pretty nerve wracking and some parts really reassured me this would be a good fit for me.  After several weeks of various steps the job offer came about.  Monday will be day 1 of that new venture.

Health and Fitness I mentioned I had great big fat lardy backslide on that the first half of the year.  I'm back pounding the pavement walking however and moving in the right direction.  Although I've been really diligent about the walking and eating habits the process is so much slower this time.  I suspect last time I had greater weight loss initially because I had really been so inactive before then.  This go around I'm healthier so I suspect I'm not shocking my body so much.  Oh well, I will persist. 

I'm sorry about my lack of posts.  But then again, It's the new guilt free me and I'm doing what I want so maybe I'll post, and maybe I won't.