Sunday, November 27, 2011

Remember me????

I actually had trouble remembering my signon and password for this thing. I have months worth of blogposts to read.  I have mental stuff to purge and photos to post so hopefully I'll be around for a bit and won't disappear again. (at least not for a while)

First thing I'll mention is the new job since that is what has taken me away from this blog.

I spent several weeks in Texas 'pre' training and then I was sent to Virginia for more intense training. Intense is the kind word for it.  Long days of studying. Then more studying and more studying.  Day after day after day. It was a relentless process. 

I have been in stressful situations before, I've worked hard before.  I just don't know that I've been in situations like this for this length of time however. This was a never ending month. If I really had comprehended what I was going to experience-- would I have trusted myself to make it through.  I suspect not.  In this case it's best that I went into it blind. 

Somehow, this ole gal made it through.  I know about cars now. I know a lot about cars. Lots and lots.

I still have several weeks of training left here in Texas but hopefully it will be at a more manageable pace for this old brain.

The upside to the trip out east??  Autumn.

I got to see Autumn in the east coast.  A lot of years since I'd experienced that.  The air was crisp and the sky was blue and the colors were amazing.  I got to see family and friends on the weekends and took myself on up to Pittsburgh one weekend and saw Lauren.

Ultimately it was worth it.