Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't EVER look away...

Weekend with the baby.  Here are some shots of her cooking breakfast with PaPa. 

Her birthday gift was a camera.  So she is taking pictures of everything.  Here's a couple of my favorites.  Her Eggs and everything else from her perspective.

And finally,  during project time--don't walk awy for a minute to grab something.  Or else you will come back to a pile of hair and her patting it saying "It's ok gramma, it didn't hurt"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The writing on the wall....

I guess some days I was a better mother than others.... We are preparing to redo the flooring in Emma's room and emptying it completely out.  This is what I found in her closet wall.  I don't even know which one did this.  Time outs all around!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wizard Wisdoms....

The room is almost done.  There are a couple steps left but overall it's about done.

I just applied one of those wall decals.  It was a custom one I had made.  I really liked the quote and felt a special affinity due to Lauren's upbringing with the Harry Potter books.   I didn't even know if it was going to work.  I put it on a textured wall and those decals specifically advise to apply to a smooth place.   I will likely use a wall decal in the future.  I learned some lessons with this application though about sizing.  Done again, I would have gone BIGGER!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Three = Imagination

I can't believe she is three.  Here's her cake and cuppycakes she made. 

We gave the kids plain cupcakes with paintbrushes and several colors of icing gel on a plate and various choices of sprinkles.  They got to 'paint' their own cupcakes.  This went over well.  I anticipated the kids spending time painting their tongues with the icing paint which they did do. 

Three is good.  Really.  She is so imaginative and has some wonderful conversations with her dollhouse figures.  She is much more communicative and understands when you explain things.  She is starting to be able to reason things through.  This is all very good stuff.  Very good. 

On the other hand, the weekend was once again too short.

Losing it....

I know practice makes perfect but heavens sometimes I think I'm losing it.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Is it wrong to make a three year old child make her own birthday cake??  Actually she made cake and cupcakes.  She did so good and really enjoyed it.   And what's the best thing about cake--a little one with the beaters.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Battery low...

Probably one of the worst things to hear when your only halfway through your walk. 

I was in the midst of Jimmy Buffett---  Ok now everybody sing!! You know you wanna

"That's why I wish I had a pencil thin mustache
The boston blackie kind
Two tone Ricky Ricardo Jacket
and an autograph picture of Andy Devine"

and lets not forget---" Bryll Cream, a little dabll do yah- Oh I could do some cruisin too"

Nice thing today though, driving to work and I notice my jacket smells of bonfire.  I love that smell.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fresh Starts....

Today felt good. 

I had a full day at work.  Because of the newness of this job the days go by so very quickly. 

After work Tom took us to dinner to welcome his mom into town.  I felt good about that as well.  Not only did I not have to cook or clean up after...but I also made good food choices.  Afterwards It was time to take a walk.  It was nippy out and my shins have been sore (we'll talk about my need for new tennis shoes later)  But I went anyways.  A nice brisk walk with a wonderful friend and good conversation.  It feels so good when your done and your skin is tingly and your muscles feel rewarded for doing the right thing.

So, here is to a fresh start to a fresh new year.  But not quite---I still have to wrap up photos from last year before I will feel fresh enough to move forward.  Hopefully I can get that headed in the right direction before the weekend is out....In the meantime this photo is long overdue.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas crafts...

Emma is gonna be crafty.  She will do one project after another after another.  It's her favorite thing, to paint and glue and make things.  Some crafts are tastier than others. (by the way, I got this quick craft off Pintrest as well!!)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Map to my heart....

Funny story.   I had made the pictures shown for the guest room.  The frames were really nice and on sale incredibly cheap (already pre-matted) and the road map was 5.00 at Half Price Books.  I  just got some nice scrap book paper to go under the map hearts and that was it.  One is Dallas, one of hometown Fredericksburg and the other Pittsburgh. 

After I used it I then took the road atlas to work with me.  In the job I do I actually review a lot of estimates for very rural areas of Wyoming and the Dakotas as well as other places and I had hoped the maps would come  in handy. 

Also, know that the office I work in now is very secluded from the rest of the building and you actually have to have a special pass card clearance to get in.   I don't think the special clearance is cause we are doing anything highly secretive or specialized, I just think it happens that section of the building used to be the old human resources department and they do have super special secret files.

Last week an executive comes walking through the area however, I think he had security allow him in.  I remember this guy from Virginia from about 15 years ago and I know this guy is somebody.  I ask him if I can help him with something and he says he is checking to see if anyone there has a road atlas.  Really. 

Why yes, I have a road atlas which I promptly bring out. (Alice the Hero)  I explain he is welcome to the Atlas and It should serve him well unless he needs Fredericksburg, Dallas or Pittsburgh.  He looks at me very strange and says that he precisely needs Fredericksburg and Pittsburgh and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm kidding.  I repeatedly explain to him I used those pages for a project and he can't fathom why I would cut out the two pages he needs.  I explain again that the road atlas was my personal purchase in case he thinks I'm destroying company property.  This gets awkward.  I know that look he's giving me and it implies I'm some kind of kook.  He checks the pages repeatedly to make sure they aren't hiding somewhere.  I finally google the maps he needs and print them off and send him off on his way.,  Ironic huh??  Gimme a break--it's only day two of blogging--you gotta give me time to warm up here.

As you can see though, I totally stole this map idea off my new favorite site   PINTREST .  I actually have a lot of ideas that will be coming to fruition from Pintrest.   The guest room isn't done yet but it's close.  It needs the shelving unit I want and tchotchke's to fill it.  (Did you know how to spell it??)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012....

The normal thing to do at this time would be to contemplate the past year. 

It was such an amazing year.  The time spun out of control and so much happened but as always there was not enough time for everything I wanted to accomplish.

SO, Luckily for me I have 2012 to try and meet some added goals.  With the heavy training I did for my new job I really lost control of a lot of things .  I wanted this new position so much and I valued the training I would receive so was willing to sacrifice some things to make it happen.  Three months of making this job my number one priority.   So, here I am.  I'm trained and am doing the job I worked so hard for.  It was worth it.  I love the job.  I am so happy with the decision to do this, and it's quite possibly one of the best choices I've ever made. (pretty big statement huh)  But I am just recovering from the draining effect it all had on me.  I'm still too raw mentally to effectively analyze this past year.

I'm just not ready to look too deeply at it all.  At myself.  At where I stand now and where I'm heading with myself.  Some basics I know I want to gain control of again are the weight and fitness, this blog, and the photography.  I'm gonna have to go slowly on juggling and balancing all these pieces of myself. 

For now, I'll start with the weight and fitness and with this blog.  I'll add to that later.  I don't know where this blog is going but we shall see.  My camera has been quite quiet as of late so we'll see.

I do however, wish you all a happy and blessed new year.