Thursday, March 22, 2012

I don't look good in Prison Orange....

I had a new project I wanted to make to send Lauren for St Patricks Day.  Infused Vodka's.  Using Skittles and Jolly Ranchers.  What could be better right?

I thought it out.  Let's make rainbow colors and I could put them in a black cauldron thing with some gold chocolate coins.  Since I am always the consummate Girl Scout leader, I always try to make these types of things include some 'learning' event as well.  So my plan was to label each bottle with a different leprechaun and give the history and story of them in honor of St Patty's day.There are Clurichaun, Merrow, Silkies, Leprechauns, Wil o Wisps and more.  Each had their own explanation and characteristics. I had already edited all the labels and had them ready to print.

Of course I went on vacation, ran out of time and St Pattys came and went and the bottles weren't done nor were they shipped.  Oh well, what to do but decorate them and make them a merry happy spring theme.  No learning, no education.  What a let down.

Little to be done but to finish them up and slap on a Spring theme and wrap them up and mail them.  Here is the interesting part.  I wrap them up really well.  Really really well.  Lot's of bubble wrap and peanuts.  I get them mailed and on the way home is when the ADHD finally subsides and my brain says----hey.   "Hey---- You.   What if one breaks?  It will obviously smell like vodka right?"    

Good lord I'm pretty sure that I've just committed a federal crime. Not just a state or local crime.  I think something about using the mail service and minors and crossing state lines.  Dammnit -- I don't wanna be someones bitch...

 But aren't they pretty?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Motor Mascot...

That's what they used to call them.  Down in Florida right now and there was a great car show going on.  Caught a couple shots in passing.