Monday, May 28, 2012

Midlife Crisis....

Somone used that term in regards to my new toy.  My new baby.  My "Ride".  

I wasn't offended or upset as it was intended as an underhanded joke,  but I actually took a minute to think about it.  Midlife Crisis?  Crisis for who?? This hurts nobody.  I'm not some middle age person splitting up their family to go date  someone half my age. I'm not quitting my job to trek around Belize (but that does sound appealing).  I'm not squandering my childrens inheritence (as if there ever was one!)

I simply purchased a new vehicle.  The same price range as a normal 4 door sedan.  (this one simply has doors that are removeable)

What would it have been called if I was 20 buying this thing or a corvette or motorcycle?  Probably a bad financial decision if you ask me.  Or maybe you would think "Hey, they are young.  Let them enjoy it- there are gonna be a lot of minivan days ahead for them"

I'll admit it, I had my children young.  Did the carpool and the girl scount mom thing for a lot of years.  I did sacrifice.  I was mature.  I was responsible.  I have worked hard for a lot of years and still have a lot of hard working days ahead of me. 

So, my kids are out earlier than most.  A lot of my peers are just now fooling with toddlers. Two different paths.  Don't begrudge me the path I took as I didn't begrudge you yours.

Midlife Crisis my ass...........Midlife Celebration is more like it.