Monday, December 16, 2013

Sugar and Spice and everything Nice....

Without fail, they all grow up.
So, I failed at going back and finding my prior blog posts with this girl in them.  However, I did run across a couple past posts ad I stopped short.  What was I thinking with some of my prior photos?  Oh some of the editing was crazy.  That may make a good future post.  Best to keep it simple.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mothers little helper

Ok, well maybe this antibiotic is not exactly what Mick Jagger was referencing in his song.

My little pill shook however.  I was confused because I expected the capsule to have powder in it.  Instead it had little tiny pills in it.  Weird.  I wasn't brave enough to taste it.  I'm a conformist I guess- I just stuck it back in it's little pretty shell and swallowed.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reality TV

I hang my head in shame.  Over the years I have watched my share of Reality TV.  Sometimes on purpose and sometimes because I'm just too lazy to change the channel.  Oh,  the extent of reality tv that they can come up with.  I think it started with MTV's Real world and then I think it moved onto that "Who wants to marry a millionaire" and then it went from there.  Possibly I'm wrong.  Maybe it began before then that I'm not aware of. 

There has been reality court TV shows, Storage wars, Car Makeover shows, house make over shows, yard makeover shows, a variety of wedding shows like say yes to the dress and bridezilla shows.  Baby birthing shows , shows about hoarders, reality cop shows, reality animal tv, teen pregnancy, a million forms of makeovers, dancing competitions, beauty pagent shows, modeling shows. Survivor shows, Idol talent shows, Cooking competition shows.  Mafia wives, Hollywood wives, baseball wives, basketball wives.  Then lets not forget the little people shows, the converted Mormons and Jackass type shows.  There are no bounds to reality TV.

There is however a new show on TV I accidentally ran across.  I think maybe this one crosses the line.  Best Funeral Ever.  Yes.  You read that right.  Best Funeral EVER.  I have to admit I accidentally watched 2 episodes , just so I could accurately explain this to you.  Let's call it research purposes. I'm also pretty embarrassed to say this show heralds out of Dallas Texas. 

Ok so the first episode this woman apparently was an avid bowler.  So they had her funeral in a bowling alley.  Everyone had the team bowling shirts on and the sermon was filled with cliché bowling references.  In the end everyone sprayed deodorizer in the dead ladies bowling shoes which were mounted in a place of honor.  I hate to spoil the ending for you but I cant resist.  In the end the family pushes the casket down the lane and the dead lady gets her final strike.  No, I kid you not.  They push the casket down the lane. There's much cheering and fist pumping at this point. You can youtube this if you think I'm lying.

The second episode apparently the deceased fellow had a thing for game shows.  You can imagine the revelry which ensues right? Father we ask now, that we know that the price is right so Mr. Anderson can come on down and make a deal that he’s going to spend eternity with you in heaven. And sometimes, there might be a family feud, but in the end even though we had the pyramid, we made it to the top. In Jesus’s name we pray.  Let's just skip to the end where they mount the casket on a spinning wheel and send him spinning like the wheel of freakin fortune.  The winners of the game get prizes which are apparently the dead guys most prized possessions.

I also have to admit I didn't really get to watch that second episode.  Tom came in and changed it to some 1980's flick about Sam Houston. I'm pretty grateful for the interruption.  It's like one of those terrible tragedies you can't turn away from.  My excuse to go to bed and hopefully purge my mind of this ridiculous show.  I just hope I don't toss and turn thinking about the best funeral for me or Tom. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold Hard Scents

Texas is one of those places that still has roses in December.  Literally we were at 78 degrees one day and dropped to 28 the next with an ice storm that poured on through.  The worst ice I've seen since we moved to Texas 14 years ago.  I wish I'd taken time to get my camera out there but these are my only shots thusfar.   I will say when I approached this bush I was very surprised because the smell of the roses was very strong despite the deep freeze.  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Baby

Think about the millions of Santa photos taken each year.  I wonder if I could do this kind of work or if those little rugrats would make me crazy after 3 hours.  I probably would enjoy the kids and hate the parents. 
This sweet innocent girl totally believes in Santa.  She had trouble speaking to him as she was just awestruck. I'm sure he knows all about the Monster High dolls you want and even better he knows all about the easy bake oven Papa and I think you need to take home to your mommy and daddy.  All mommy's and daddy's should be subjected to those grainy miniature cupcakes baked fresh off that lightbulb.  Or those tar black half cooked sand textured brownies.  Grand-parenting rocks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cell Phone Sunday

Ok I downloaded my cell phone again.  There is always something odd to be seen somewhere. At work I saw this truck one of the auto techs kept a box in the back of it full of his tools.  On the top of the box were these tiny mini characters.  I don't understand.  But I shot it.

Time's cover for October I saw in the doctors office.
Emma's Thanksgiving hat.
Tom's Christmas pop tarts.
And our visit to see Santa.  People stayed indoors due to the ice storm yesterday so Emma had no line.

Hot chocolate time. 

And finally Emma's mall purchase of 3 headbands.  Her tacky tacky choices.
So, what's in your cell phone?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.   These photos are recycled from our trip to Hawaii.  This is the one place I don't think we explored enough of when we were in Hawaii, and I we will definitely go back there on our next trip.  
We are still thawing out in Texas from the ice storm that struck, but I suspect people will still be out and about all day shopping and getting ready for Christmas.  I hope people at least 'remember' for a minute.
I think about wars past and the different days and memorials and locations we honor.  I consider and compare our feelings and emotions towards those events with America's recent conflicts ever since 09/11 and how pulled Americans are regarding war and conflict.  Maybe Vietnam was the same with protests and rally's but I don't know if that was as large as this widespread ocean of confusion we lay in as a country right now.
Is our governments moral compass so off right now and are the American people so paralyzed they are unable to reel that government in?  When we vote is it simply for the least bad choice?  Has the American democratic system just turned into a farce?  Is there really something to this voting thing or is it just about which candidate or PAC can pay to inundate America the most with their 'spin'? 
Is this simply a new generation of information?  Are we the people afforded so much more information in the form of pictures and sound bites and surveillance video and news video than ever before.  Possibly now knowing what facets of war look like is distasteful.  Perhaps in past US engagements there were also actions that took place that would have disturbed us, but we just never saw them in such graphic detail. 
I'm babbling a bit because I'm angry at a photo I saw.  Someone photo shopped Obama with his hand down his daughters pants and attempted to pass it as a real photo.  I'm mad at people who jumped on that and bought in.  I'm mad at extremists who use tools like that to control American people. I'm not an Obama supporter (again, America thought he was the least bad choice) but that kind of thing is ridiculous. I just don't believe America would have sat still for that happening to any President in the past, regardless of popular opinion. 
We the Sheeple are waiting to be served up something more palatable.  Maybe something with a bit more integrity and patriotism and kindness.

Monday, December 2, 2013


No pictures today.  Just a story, of sorts.

I had a tiny lapse in posting.  Thanksgiving kept us busy.  I hope your holiday was wonderful and less fattening than mine.

Lauren was home for the holiday and since she is addicted to Jimmy Johns we went there one night to pick up some sandwiches.  Don't get me wrong, I love Jimmy Johns myself.  However, it's farther away from the house and I'll settle for Subway sandwiches when she's not home since they are closer.

 The plan was to take those sandwiches home, bust open a bottle of wine and watch the Dr Who special that we had taped.  Not so exciting, but it sounded perfect with the weather being so frigid.

When we were leaving an older gentleman had pulled up next to our car and stopped us for directions. He called to Lauren--"excuse me young man". (Lauren was not offended as the new hairdo begs to have her called 'young man')  He was very much a senior.  I found out later he was well into his 80's.  It was already dark as it was past 7.  Lauren is geographically challenged so she called me over to try to help.  He was still trying to work his way out of his vehicle and was only mobile with a cane or scooter.  I noted the groceries in the back of his vehicle which made me think he couldn't be too far from home.  I also noted the Veterans cap he had on.  Coast Guard.  I tried to sort out where he was going and it seemed he was quite a bit away from home. About 18 miles or so.  Home for him was an assisted living center.  There would be several local grocery stores for him would have been within 1/2 to 1 mile.

Honestly based on how far he was from home I thought directions would not be effective, and it being dark I was quite nervous this would turn into a "silver alert" situation.  I asked the fellow if he minded if I drove his vehicle and I could take him home.  He knew the address and I had a GPS. He was visibly relieved and conceded. He had a massively long Oldsmobile and a scooter hooked up in the back, I took a moment to get acclimated to the vehicle and we set off.

I really didn't want to make him feel self conscious about this situation so I tried to keep him talking with asking him questions about himself.  Whew...I learned a lot about himself, his wife who had passed about 5 years ago and his children who all live in different states.   His career in the military and his love for Ham Radio.  On the way he let on that his GPS had gone missing and he wasn't sure how he got turned around coming back from the grocery.  He needed to buy some banana bread that was on sale.  He had bought 3 batches but shared them all with the people at the assisted living center and didn't have any left for himself.  Apparently once he became aware he was lost he was unable to get anyone to effectively help him with directions home so he stopped and bought a compass.  Yes, a compass.   My heart sinks to think of it.  Almost to his home he stops and looks at me and asks how I plan on getting home.  I explained Lauren was following us and would take me home. 

I got him home and got the scooter and him unloaded.  I declined his offer of sliced ham and he called me an angel.  I feel lucky to have been the one to run across Bob and get the opportunity to have him share his stories with me.