Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome to this new world....

2017.  Welcome.

Normally I would take a moment to review the past year but quite frankly I simply can't and won't do that to myself.  Maybe I'll look back on it in 12 months, 24 or 36.  But not right now.

I'm reluctant to say how I feel about this upcoming year.  I hope.  I hope for so many things.

Primarily I hope to regain some semblance of myself.   Balance, we all wish for more of that right?

I did see an article somewhere that mentioned using the terms "it's not a priority" instead of "I don't have the time".  I'm going to start incorporating that in my life.  I think it puts attention on the words and I may pay closer attention.  If something is not a priority---should it be??  If so, then I should make it so.  If not, then maybe I should delete it.  Maybe I should find a way to simply remove those objects or hurdles so I don't have to keep coming back to them and saying " I don't have the time for that..."

Also, what about the people who use that language with us?? I don't have time... That is just another way for someone to say that you or spending time with you is not a priority.

I signed up for a 12 week weight loss challenge which will begin in a couple weeks.  Hopefully that wasn't just throwing money away.  I feel like taking control of this weight and exercise thing will be helpful in me grasping my particles and pulling them all back together.

Politics.   I, like the rest of American is tired of it and don't want to hear any more but I suspect that is just something that wont be quiet this upcoming year.  It can't possibly be as bad as 2016.  Can it?

There are some good things on the horizon, but for now I'm just grateful for this 3 day weekend and everything else is just not a priority right now.

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